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If I could give more stars I would. David was the first practitioner to be able to help me with my back, jaw and neck pain and his treatment made a huge difference in the long term post treatment as well! Absolutely brilliant and a wonderful person on top of that!
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Acupuncture • Trigger Point Therapy • Dry Needling

Acupuncture, Trigger Points, Pain, Osteopathy
Trigger Points in muscles are often the source of Chronic Pain.

Acupuncture or Dry Needling is used to treat trigger points.

Trigger points can cause back pain and headaches, arm and leg pain, they can mimic sciatica and be the cause shoulder pain.

They are frequently the cause of Repetitive Strain Injuries.

Trigger Points arising in Neck Muscles can cause Headaches, Shoulder, Arm and Hand Pain.

Acupuncture, Trigger Points, Trapped Nerve, OsteopathyA Trigger Points is a band in a muscle that when pressed will be tender, and frequently causes pain to be felt elsewhere. 

Any muscle in the body can develop trigger points, and create a unique pain pattern.

Common places to find trigger points are by the Jaw, the Shoulder Girdle, around the Elbow and the Buttock.

Frequently the cause of a “Trapped Nerve” is actually a Trigger Point, the reason a trapped nerve is suspected is that the pain radiates from the painful site.

Trigger Points in the Buttock Muscles can cause “Sciatica”.

Trigger Points can be treated in different ways.

Firstly, to find trigger points, I use massage. This allows me to locate precisely where the trigger points lie. Acupuncture/Dry Needling is the treatment of choice.

When Acupuncture/Dry Needling is used, there is definite “Twitch” and a small “Jolt” of Pain in the muscle. This discomfort quickly subsides, and the muscle will then relax and lengthen. There is marked decrease in pain and the muscle strength returns.

When a patient does not want Acupuncture/Dry Needling, then Massage, specifically directed to the Trigger Points, is the next treatment of choice.

Many Chronic conditions are caused by trigger points. Patients may previously have undergone courses Spinal Manipulation and done various exercises to strengthen and stretch muscle groups, and the beneficial results have been short-lived.

When the trigger points are correctly treated, the results are often permanent.

Acupuncture/Dry Needling is commonly used to treat Arthritis, Back Pain, Head Aches, IBS and many other common conditions.

David is a member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society. 

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