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Drysdale Osteopathy Glasgow

David is reliable, thorough, attentive and - clearly- an exceptionally knowledgeable osteopath. He works intuitively, with real sensitivity and is able to advise on many different aspects of lifestyle which might affect bodily health. He helped me solve my back problems really effectively and compassionately. After repeat visits and the really quite incredible results, I trust him implicitly - and would recommend him to absolutely anyone.
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Drysdale Osteopathy Glasgow • Yoga 

Yoga is a wonderful way to keep the body supple.

Yoga is a very deep subject, and you can, if you choose, immerse yourself in it, and change your whole approach to life.

Or you may just want to go to a weekly class to help keep your body strong & flexible.

The Yoga teachers listed at the foot of this page all run excellent classes in the West End of Glasgow, and will happily do 1-to-1 sessions with you.

Yoga can be very helpful if you have a specific health problem or need help recovering from an injury.

People who regularly do Yoga are rarely seen as Osteopathic Patients.

Frances McKee - Pol Mollan

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