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Drysdale Osteopathy, Neck Pain, Whiplash, Spinal ManipulationThe neck frequently causes pain.

The neck supports the head, which weighs about 10 lbs. The head turns, nods back & forth and bends side to side. The muscles in the neck perform all these fine movements, and also holds the head in all sorts positions.

When a vertebra in the neck is moved slightly out of position, small ligaments are over stretched and the muscles in the area then spasm to protect the neck.

This is where osteopathic manipulation can put the vertebra into the correct position, and stop this painful muscle spasm.

There are many ways to hurt your neck:
Osteopathy, Arm Pain, Neck PainWhen a vertebra in the neck is out of position, the neck will be stiff, and pain may be felt in the shoulder, the arm and hand.

There may be numbness and pins & needles, usually in the arm & hand.

There may be weakness with certain movements of the shoulder or arm.

The diagram on the left shows the pain pattern from the Scalene Muscles. This muscle group can go into spasm when a vertebra in the neck is out of position.

Osteopathic Manipulation and Massage will usually help this type of problem.

The neck can also be the cause of Headaches.

Osteopathy, Headache, Neck PainWhen the vertebra in the upper neck are out of position there will be pain and muscle spasm. This pain is often referred to the head and face.

This diagram shows the Sterno Cleido Mastoid Muscle, which can cause headaches, jaw pain, facial pain and even tinnitis.

Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Cranio Sacral Therapy can all usually help with this type of condition.


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