Back Pain & Sciatica

Sore Back, Back Pain, Low Back Pain, SciaticaThere are different types of Back Pain.

Back Pain can range from muscular stiffness, bony/mechanical pain, deep muscle spasm where any laughing or coughing is very painful, to tooth ache/nerve type pain that is intolerable. Some times on wakening the back is incredibly stiff, conversely it may feel rested and pain free. Back pain can ease or worsen through the day. It may be better or worse for activity. It may only hurt when standing or it may be pain free when standing.

There are different causes for a Sore Back.

Different tissues will be affected in each individual case. It is important to identify the affected tissues, so the correct treatment can be given. The idea that Spinal Manipulation is a “Cure All” for back pain is incorrect, and on some occasions it can actually make the condition worse. 

The area that the back pain is experienced is not always where the problem lies. For example low back pain may have its source in the thoracic area.

It is vital that all areas are examined when you have a sore back, and the affected tissues identified, and correctly treated.

Once the likely factors behind the back pain are found, Osteopathic treatment may help ease the pain, then good advice on exercise, diet, seating, posture, beds and lifting can go a long way in helping to prevent it's recurrence.


Sciatica is Pain and Numbness in the Leg. Sciatica can respond favourably to Osteopathy and Acupuncture.

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Low Back Pain

The majority of lower back pain is of mechanical origin.

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Sports Injuries

Many Sports Injuries affect the back.

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