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I came to David from a friends recommendation. I wasn't sure what to expect but I am so happy I went and wish I had found David years before. I have been in chronic 24/7 pain in both my knees for approx. 5yrs. I have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, joint hypermobility, mild early onset osteoarthritis in my L knee and moderate osteoarthritis in my R knee. Over the last 5yrs I have been to homeopathic hospital tried homeopathic medication, homeopathic injections into my knees, knee lotions and potions, splints, supports, painkillers, physio, tens machine for 3hrs every night on high intensity and pain clinic. Nothing helped, physio and pain clinics discharged me as they didn't know what to do with my complex conditions. I was on 33 high painkillers on a daily basis and on double crutches to enable me to get out and about, the pain woke me at night, I struggled with stairs, I couldn't walk far without being in pain and missed out on things with my 6 yr old niece and 2 yr old nephew. My last hope was a referral to orthopaedics at the local hospital but sadly they told me to lose weight and gave me a knee brace to wear that didn't help at all. I was resigned to being 45 and in daily pain for the rest of my life. I then thought about trying acupuncture as I was willing to try anything at this stage. A friend gave me David's details. I found him easily online. I had a quick look at his website and made my 1st apt. From the 1st consult David was professional, knowledgeable on my conditions, listened to all my health problems, what I was looking for and didn't just put everything down to my weight which had been brought up many times before. He was very professional, explained everything to me, he felt acupuncture wouldn't help me long term so offered laser treatment. I was so grateful to at last have someone listen to me and offer something to help rather than being told we don't know how to treat you. I didn't know what the laser treatment was and David explained it all in lay mans terms so I understood. I have had 5 treatments so far and even after my 1st treatment of only an hr I left feeling positive, hopeful and in less pain than I had went in. David has given me a new lease of life in a very short time. I cant believe the difference in my pain levels in such a short time. I have now reduced my med medication, I'm reducing , usage and reliance on my crutches and try walking without them, I haven't needed to use my tens machines, I am managing stairs much better and are able to do things with the kids now. I still have some pain but its drastically reduced and I no longer wake during the night in pain. David has suggested I have 1 more weekly treatment then go to fortnightly and then to monthly and take from there. I am now looking forward to getting back to enjoying things I used to be able to do and have a near enough pain free life and its all thanks to David. I cant believe the difference in my pain and I cant thank him enough. People can be sceptical to trying alternative therapies but I have been there and bought the shop on trying different techniques and aids to help. I would advise anyone who is suffering and feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel like me to get in touch with David and I'm sure he will be able to help elevate some of your suffering like he has for me. I have already recommended him to my sister and a colleague. I would highly recommend David to everyone. He has also recommended a fellow specialist to help with my feet problem which is fab.
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Drysdale Osteopathy • Whiplash Injuries

Car Accidents, Whiplash, Osteopathy, InsuranceWhiplash is commonly associated with Car Accidents, where the car is hit from behind, although these injuries can be sustained in many other ways, including falls from stools, bicycles and horses.

It stands out as one of the main injuries covered by Car Insurers. In the UK 430,000 made a claim for whiplash in 2007, which is 75% of the UK's motor insurance claims.

Whiplash injuries are complex, and the onset of symptoms can be delayed by a day or two, so everyone involved in a Car Crash should be examined by a Doctor and X-Rayed to rule out any serious injury.

Whiplash can best be described as "A sudden acceleration or deceleration applied to a human body which is not prepared for such an event."
The idea of lack of preparedness is very important, as the bodies protective mechanisms are just not ready to cope with the instantaneous impact of collision.

Extension Phase

Whiplash, Cranio Sacral, Injury, OsteopathyWhen a car is hit from behind there is a sudden acceleration of the body.

The skull, spine and sacrum are drawn upwards, their weight effectively decreasing.

The lower back is forced forwards and the neck & head is forced backwards.

Flexion Phase

During the flexion phase the skull, spine and sacrum are drawn downwards and forwards, increasing their weight.

The net result of these sudden forces is to embed the sacrum between the pelvic bones. The upper neck is disrupted and the bones at the cranial base become jammed.

The Cranio Sacral System is effectively locked.

The bones in the pelvis and cranium are simply unable to move.

This goes a long way in explaining some of the bizarre symptoms that people suffer after a whiplash injury.

There are a number of other injuries that people can suffer with whiplash such as bone fractures, torn muscles and ligaments, displaced organs, vertebral joint compression and shock.

It is very important to have yourself examined at Hospital, as your health matters, and your insurance company will want to see a medical report for your insurance claim.

Where there is no "Serious" Injury, Osteopathic treatment and Acupuncture can usually help greatly with the results of whiplash.

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