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David is very professional, helpful and understanding with my back problems. I would totally recommend a visit. As he has helped me a lot.
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Drysdale Osteopathy • Scoliosis

A Scoliosis is a condition where the spine is "S" shaped, instead of being straight.

Scoliosis, Osteopathy, Back Pain, HeadacheFrequently, when a person hurts their back, they will lean off to one side to ease their pain.

This is called an antalgic scoliosis, and will settle when the pain stops.

A scoliosis can be be divided into two types: Functional and Structural.

A functional scoliosis will straighten out when the person bends forwards, and will usually resolve with treatment. A typical cause is muscle imbalance in the lower back.

A structural scoliosis is permanent, and is usually due to a deformity in a vertebra or the pelvis. In serious cases, people will have had surgery to stabilise the condition.

A scoliosis will predispose people to various problems.

These may be structural, causing backache, headaches and muscle pain.

There may be visceral problems and breathing or digestion can be affected.

With Osteopathic treatment, these unpleasant symptoms can usually be helped.

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