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David is reliable, thorough, attentive and - clearly- an exceptionally knowledgeable osteopath. He works intuitively, with real sensitivity and is able to advise on many different aspects of lifestyle which might affect bodily health. He helped me solve my back problems really effectively and compassionately. After repeat visits and the really quite incredible results, I trust him implicitly - and would recommend him to absolutely anyone.
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Drysdale Osteopathy • Osteopathic Treatment during Pregnancy.

Pregnancy, Back Pain, Sciatica, OsteopathyAs a woman goes through pregnancy, her body changes dramatically. 

From an Osteopaths perspective, there is a lot that can be done to make the experience less of an ordeal.

As the pregnancy progresses the bodies centre of gravity moves forward, and the back muscles take a greater load, this may lead to back ache, hip pain and even sciatica.

Pain around the pubic symphysis can make standing and walking difficult.

The upper back and neck also change shape, and shoulder pain and headaches may be experienced.

During pregnancy hormonal changes appear to cause softening of ligaments, this allows the pelvis to change shape during birth.

Occasionally, this ligamentous laxity can cause old back pains and other joint problems to return.

Osteopathic treatment uses cranio sacral therapy, gentle massage, mobilisation and stretching of joints, along with simple exercises and practical advice.


Drysdale Osteopathy • Osteopathic Treatment after Pregnancy.

Osteopathic treatment can help post nataly. Having been pregnant for 9 months and endured the birth, the mother then has to lift and carry, feed and care for the new baby.

The pelvis and low back may require some attention, as giving birth may cause minor displacement of the sacroiliac joints and vertebra in the lower back.

Lifting and carrying a growing baby may cause aches and pains in strange places, as muscles and joints work in new ways. Changes in posture to adapt to feeding and lifting a baby will also affect muscles and joints unused to this change in regime.

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