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Highly recommend David as an osteopath! After trying physios, chiropractors, medication, and everything in between I have managed to gain relief from postural occupational and cranial pains. David is knowledgable, professional and most importantly provides treatment that improves symptoms. The K laser deals with tendonitis when it flares up which has allowed me to continue working. David uses a multitude of techniques in a holistic manner.
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Drysdale Osteopathy • Posture & Ergonomics

Bad Posture and Poor Ergonomics is often the underlying reason people visit an Osteopath.

Posture, Ergonomics, DSE Regulations, OsteopathyMany people spend all their day infont of computer, hunched over a keyboard, focusing on a screen.

This effects some people terribly.

They develop a posture where their head and neck come forward, they form a ledge at the base of their neck. The muscles at the front of the neck shorten, while those at the back of the neck elevate and tighten.

This leads to trigger points developing in these muscles, and symptoms such as headaches, arm and wrist pain arise. This can also lead on to RSI, which is a serious complaint.

Conditions arising from bad posture can be helped with osteopathy, but in long term attention must be given to Ergonomics.

A first rate chair is the first thing to be fitted. This should fit like a good pair of shoes, this chair should feel just right. The second thing is the desk, which should be fully height adjustable. A difference here of 30mm can make all the difference.

A decent bluetooth keyboard and mouse that has the "Ball" on top, so the arm is tension free is essential. There are more modern systems such as Trackpads that are good.

Companies such as Osmond Ergonomics can provide excellent products.

If you use a computer for your job, it is well worth learning to touch type. This is so you do not have to watch your where your fingers are on the keyboard and your head is not constantly flexed forwards.

People who drive long distances should think if their car seat and driving position gives them back or neck pain. If this is the case, consider changing your car for one that gives you a comfortable drive.

David offers a service providing a full work station assessment in accordance with the DSE Regulations(1992).

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