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I found David online after being referred to the dental hospital for TMJ Disorder. As the waiting time is several months, I needed to find some immediate pain relief. I had strong painkillers and physio without success. After the first treatment with David, I felt an enormous difference. He is basically a magician! Laser treatment and acupuncture combined with massage and neck manipulation resulted in a total transformation. Can’t recommend him highly enough.
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Drysdale Osteopathy • Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia affects people in many different ways.

It is important to differentiate between people who have chronic musculo-skeletal pain and those who have fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia, Trigger Points, Nutrition, Stress, HypermobilityThere is a standard diagnostic test used by the American College of Rheumatology that states that a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia is positive if 11 of 18 specific points are tender.

With fibromyalgia there is no single cause or cure for it's wide spread symptoms.

It is a complex syndrome, and seems to require more than one factor in it's causation.

There are many possible factors in it's causation such as: 

Prolonged stress or anxiety
• Endocrine imbalance e.g Thyroid            Gland
• Organ dysfunction e.g. Liver
• Allergies
• Hypermobility
• Musculoskeletal overuse
• Decreased immunity
• Viral or Bacterial infections
• Acquired Toxicity from Foods or Chemicals
• Vitamin deficiencies 

Fibromyalgia encompasses many different groups.

Often people have this been given a diagnosis of fibromyalgia in error.

The condition may be due to chronic, widespread, untreated trigger points along with an incorrect diet, stress and depression. The depression being due to the frustration of the condition.

If you are troubled by pain like this, please Contact David with your questions.

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