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Drysdale Osteopathy Glasgow

David is very professional, helpful and understanding with my back problems. I would totally recommend a visit. As he has helped me a lot.
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Drysdale Osteopathy • Elderly People

Elderly People, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, NutritionAs people age they develop many aches and pains and their joints have less range of movement.

Elderly People tend to lose their strength and move more slowly.

Often, people accept this as part of the ageing process, but this situation can be helped with Osteopathy.

Elderly people need to make sure that beds and chairs they use don't cause them discomfort.

Exercise, especially when you are elderly, is vital. You need to keep moving to maintain mobility and strength.

Osteopathy and Acupuncture are very helpful for keeping arthritic pains and muscular stiffness at bay.

Diet is important, as nutrition plays a big part in your wellbeing.

If you are not eating as much as before, or have trouble digesting certain foods, a high quality nutritional supplement should help.

If you are taking a number of medications, it is wise to have a review of these with your GP and Pharmacist. Many elderly people are taking too many medicines, and fell unwell because of this.

There are good alternatives for painkillers and anti-inflammatories, such as acupuncture and massage for muscular pain and arthritis.

Please feel free to Contact David if you have any questions. 

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