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Can I give six stars? David is a true professional who has helped me through challenging times of severe neck and shoulder pain to a place of real comfort and being able to get on with life. David talks you through everything and will advise not to continue treatment if you no longer need it. I will be back in the future (hopefully not too soon!) and I would not hesitate to recommend him - I have passed his name on to many people already.
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Aches & Pains can arise in most areas of the body, and many of these complaints can be helped with osteopathic treatment.


Headache causes range from Tension Type Headaches, Vascular changes with Migraines, Bruxing & Teeth Grinding in TMJ Syndrome to Medication overuse.

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Neck Pain

The neck is a frequent cause of complaint.

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Shoulder Pain

The majority of shoulder conditions are uncomplicated and respond quickly to treatment.

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Arm & Wrist Pain

The neck and upper back are often the source of arm pain.

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Hip & Buttock Pain

It is important to differentiate genuine hip pain from buttock pain.

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Knee Pain

The knee is a complex joint, and many conditions can affect it.

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Ankle & Foot Pain

This ankle & foot can also be effected by biomechanical conditions, usually when the arch of the foot is lost.

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Abdominal Pain

There is an interesting link between IBS and Trigger Points in the Abdominal Muscles

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