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I found David online after being referred to the dental hospital for TMJ Disorder. As the waiting time is several months, I needed to find some immediate pain relief. I had strong painkillers and physio without success. After the first treatment with David, I felt an enormous difference. He is basically a magician! Laser treatment and acupuncture combined with massage and neck manipulation resulted in a total transformation. Can’t recommend him highly enough.
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Drysdale Osteopathy • Irritable Bowel Syndrome 

IBSIBSPatient: Woman 24 years
Occupation: Teacher
Pain: Can reach 5/10

Complaint: Abdominal Pain, diagnosed as IBS by GP. This pain is inconsistent, coming on at various times of day and night. It was found to be related to a poor diet.

There was also low back pain, mainly caused by pain referral from the gut.

This condition troubled this Lady, on and off, since her teens.

Treatment: Acupuncture of Trigger Points in the Abdomen made a huge difference. The pain cleared in 2 treatments.

The patient was advised to change to a Wheat Free Diet and improve her eating habits.

Prognosis: Very good, but if the patient does eat Wheat, her IBS symptoms return for a day or so.

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