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Drysdale Osteopathy Glasgow

David is very professional, helpful and understanding with my back problems. I would totally recommend a visit. As he has helped me a lot.
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Drysdale Osteopathy • Hand Pain

Drysdale Osteopathy • Hand Pain Patient: Woman 36 Years
Occupation: Mother
Pain: 4/10 on Waking

Complaint: When this Lady becomes stressed, she clenches her hands at night. This habit was also one of her Mothers, and she went on to develop Osteoarthritis in her hands. It is difficult to prove a connection, but it is possible that constant tension in the hand muscles could cause the joints in the fingers to develop arthritic changes.

This lady also suffered neck and shoulder tension.

Treatment: Acupuncture treatment quickly settled the hand pain, 2 treatments were given to the hands. Deep Massage and Spinal Manipulation helped with the Neck & Shoulder Tension.

Prognosis: This lady comes for treatment once per month, and she finds that this keeps her very comfortable.

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