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If I could give more stars I would. David was the first practitioner to be able to help me with my back, jaw and neck pain and his treatment made a huge difference in the long term post treatment as well! Absolutely brilliant and a wonderful person on top of that!
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Sciatica is a word used to describe back and leg pain.
In genuine Sciatica, there is a prolapsed disc in the lower back pressing on a nerve, the pain is excruciating. Frequently leg pain, numbness and weakness are present, the foot may drop when walking.

This is a serious condition and needs medical attention, correct diagnosis and prescribed medication for the sciatic pain.

That said, luckily the majority of the population who have “Sciatica” have a less severe condition. The source is usually found in the low back and/or the buttock.

People may move the wrong way, say when bending and lifting, and their back goes “out”. They may say they have “slipped a disc”.

Thankfully, the majority of people have done nothing of the sort. What they have done is to minimally displace a vertebra, over stretching small ligaments, which in turn causes the muscles in the low back to go into protective spasm and this can cause leg pain.

The deep muscles in the buttock can, in turn, can go into spasm, causing “Piriformis Syndrome”. The piriformis muscle lies across the sciatic nerve and if it goes into spasm it tightens over the sciatic nerve, compressing the nerve and causing sciatic like symptoms.

This condition normally responds very well to Osteopathic Treatment.

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